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In the year of 1976, UTRAX initiated its business operations as a building materials supplier for Sri Lankan Government and soon after became founding importer & suppler of explosives after being appointed as the first private Importer of explosives to Sri Lanka. 

With keen enthusiasm and visionary entrepreneurship and being initiated & successful in sample contracts of earth filling, property development and excavation work, on 31st of March 1992, UTRAX’S CONSTRUCTION DIVISION was formed. This company showing remarkable growth and competitiveness in the market is carrying out businesses of GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION, PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LOW LAND RECLAMATION & DEVELOPMENT OF RELATED INFRASTRUCTURE, EXCAVATION, ALTERATION OR DEMOLITION WORK, RAILWAY LINE CONSTRUCTION, HARBOR & BREAK WATER CONSTRUCTION, ETC.… As of date, UTRAX’S CONSTRUCTION DIVISION is known as one of the major players in the industry and it has a strong asset base of construction, earthmoving, and heavy construction machinery.


Forecasting the necessity to diversify and for stabilization, it was the decided to come up with a SHOPPING COMPLEX PREMISES AT THE HEART OF KIRIBATHGODA CITY, which was a growing need, hence it was decided to invest in this large Shopping Complex Facility project named "UDESHI CITY". In the year 1998, the initial steps were laid for this under separate company named UDESHI CITY (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Today, 'UDESHI CITY' stands as the largest mixed development complex premise which is constructed with magnificent architectural designing with highest International standard facilities, at the CITY OF KIRIBATHGODA – SRI LANKA.


With visionary leadership to diversify the business carried out by UTRAX, UTRAX EQUIPMENT DIVISION was formed in 2013. The main aim of this division is to perform as exclusive distributors for heavy construction equipment or world-renowned construction equipment manufacturers for the region and supply related services. SINCE INCEPTION, UTRAX EQUIPMENT DIVISION successfully performs as the Exclusive Distributors & Local Agents for world-renowned manufactures of brand-new heavy construction equipment form JAPAN, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, KOREA, UNITED KINGDOM, NETHERLANDS, MALAYSIA, ETC...


NEM CONSTRUCTION (PRIVATE) LIMITED is Sri Lanka’s leading civil engineering contractor, boasting 40 years of industry experience with over 3500 strong work force including the well experienced cadre of Civil, Mining and Mechanical Engineering staff, we are capable of handling major construction work in Roads, Water Supply & Drainage, Irrigation & Drainage, Land Reclamation, Bridges and High-rise buildings.


NEM CONSTRUCTION (PRIVATE) LIMITED are proud to own the largest fleet of heavy machinery owned by a private sector company in Sri Lanka (with over 1700 units in addition to 302 Dump Trucks) backed by a Central Workshop located at Ekala. In addition, NEM CONSTRUCTION (PRIVATE) LIMITED operate metal crushing and asphalt plants at 5 locations across Sri Lanka with a combined capacity of 1000 Ton/ hr and +200 Ton/ hr respectively.


THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY CIDA of the Ministry of Construction grades the construction companies according to their project delivery capabilities. We have the highest grading in construction sector which is of CS2.


Being awarded with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 BY SRI LANKA STANDARD INSTITUTION and ISO 9001 2000 CERTIFICATION BY M/S. DET NORSKE VERITAS and SRI LANKA STANDARD INSTITUTION, NEM CONSTRUCTION (PRIVATE) LIMITED are committed to ensure quality, career development of staff, safety, and preservation of the environment.

LCB FINANCE PLC primary focus is to provide accessible financial services to customers in suburban and rural areas, focusing on Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) clients. The company aims to assist MSMEs in increasing their income levels and self-employment opportunities. LCBF plans to uplift small and micro-level enterprises to the medium scale by identifying and categorizing MSMEs based on their resources and providing them with credit facilities.

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